Fisgard Lighthouse, Victoria, BC

Location: Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC
Position: 48° 26′ N 123° 27′ W
Built November 16, 1860
Automated since 1929

Built in 1860 by the British before Vancouver Island had become part of Canada, Fisgard, along with the sister lighthouse Race Rocks, stood guard at the entrance to Esquimalt harbour and helped further the interests of the British in the region.

Lighthouse Keepers at Fisgard:

George Davies, 1860-1861
John Watson, 1861
W.H. Bevis, 1861-1879 (Died on station, 1879)
Amelia Bevis, 1879-1880
Henry Cogan. 1880-1884
Joseph Dare, 1884-1898 (Drowned in Esquimalt harbour, 1898)
W. Cormack, 1898
John Davies, 1898
Douglas MacKenzie, 1898-1900
Andrew Deacon, 1900-1901
George Johnson, 1901-1909
Josiah Gosse, 1909–1928

Courtesy of the Vancouver Archives

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