Race Rocks Light, Vancouver Island

Location: The Islands of Race Rocks are located just off the southern tip of Vancouver Island, about 16 km southwest of Victoria, British Columbia.
Position: 48°17′52.9″N 123°31′53.1″W
Built between 1859–1860
Illuminated on 26 December 1860
Automated since 1997

The Race Rocks Light—The beacon on Race Rocks was lighted last evening for the first time. We had not the pleasure of seeing it shine ; but are informed that it was very brilliant, and every way suited to the duty it will henceforth perform.
–The British Colonist, December 27, 1860

For Race Rocks Light, the only rock built lighthouse in British Columbia, granite was shipped from Scotland, and Sandstone from Gabriola Island. Race Rock, and its sister station Fisgard Light, were crucial for guiding British naval and merchant ships into the Victoria Harbour. This was a significant political move by the British Colonists as they staked their claim to the Vancouver Island as American’s began to flood North as part of the booming gold rush.

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