Maritime Bibliography

Our recommended ocean themed reads (an ongoing list):

-Records of a Family of Engineers, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1916
-The Sea Dog
, Arthur C. Bartlett, 1927
-Logbook for Grace: Whaling Brig Daisy, 1912-1913, Robert Cushman Murphy, 1947
-Les Phares, Léon Renard, 1871
-The Mirror of the Sea, Joseph Conrad, 1904-05
The Shadow Line, Joseph Conrad, 1916
-The Lighthouse Stevenson’s, Bella Bathurst, 1999
-The Wreckers
, Bella Bathurst, 2005
, Tony Parker, 1975
-The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst
, Nicholas Tomalin & Ron Hall, 1970
-Keepers of the Light,
Donald Graham, 1985
Lights of the Inside Passage, Donald Graham, 1986
-The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
, Yukio Mishima, 1963
-The Kraken Wakes, John Wyndham, 1953
-Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
, Dava Sobel, 1995
-Women Who Kept The Lights: An Illustrated History of Female Lighthouse Keepers
, Mary Louis Clifford, J. Candice Clifford, 2000
-The Pirate Queen: In Search of Grace O’Malley and Other Legendary Women of the Sea
, Barbara Sjoholm, 2004
Frenchman’s Creek, Daphne de Maurier, 1941
The Wreck of the Mary Deare, A Story of the Sea, Hammond Innes, 1956
Mutiny on the Bounty, Men Against the Sea and Pitcairn’s Island, Charles Nordhoff & James Norman Hall, 1932-34
Sentinels of the North Pacific, James A. Gibbs Jr., 1955
Shipwrecks of British Columbia, Fred Rogers, 1973
Naval Wives and Mistresses, Margarette Lincoln, 2007
-A Long, Dangerous Coastline: Shipwrecks from Alaska to California, Anthony Dalton, 2010
The Graveyard of the Pacific: Shipwreck tales from the Depths of History, 2010
-Westcoast Adventures; Shipwreck, Lighthouses, and Rescues Along Canada’s West Coast, Adrienne Mason, 2003
The Sea: A Cultural History, John Mack, 2011

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