The Lighthouses of Canada

In June 2010 it was proposed that close to 1000 lighthouses in Canada were surplus and should be decommissioned, this included 480 active lighthouses (the list of the active lighthouses can be viewed HERE.) This list was released in the midst of a battle over automating the last 50 lighthouses that are still staffed, 18 of which are situated along the coast of British Columbia. The role of keeper of the light has remained in the coastal provinces one that is fiercely defended, and in March of 2011 it was announced that the government had abandoned its plans to phase out the active lighthouses and their keepers.

“Our Government recognizes both the significance of lighthouses and light-keeper services to the coastal communities they now serve, as well as the important role the Canadian Coast Guard plays in keeping mariners safe…Therefore, I have instructed Canadian Coast Guard officials to … immediately halt plans to remove light-keepers from currently staffed lighthouses in British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador.”

-Gail Shea (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans), March, 2011

Read more about this below:
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